MINERVA company produces men’s, women’s and children’s underwear, men’s, women’s and children’s sleep body-suits-pyjamas (summer and winter), home-wear clothes for the winter, beachwear and swimwear for the summer, blouses, T-Shirts, teenage and unisex, women’s body-souits and brasserieres, women’s lingerie.

The company products are distributed with trademarks that have been registered both in the domestic market as well as in the international markets. The trademarks with which company products are distributed today are: MINERVA FORWARD, MINERVA UNDERWORLD, MINERVA FIMELLE, MINERVAKIA, MINERVA BOXER, MINERVA SPORTIES, MINERVA CLASSIC, MINERVA TEEN, MINERVA PYJAMAS, MINERVA MEN GEAR, MINERVA LADY LINE, MINERVA GOSSIP, MINERVA GOSSIP ON THE BEACH.