The SMITour Project | SMart Industrial Tourism in the Mediterranean

The SMITour project identifies the need to develop new SMart Industrial Tourism (SMIT) activities as a common challenge for Mediterranean regions wishing to enhance their industrial and manufacturing sites in order to diversify the economy, stimulate social and economic growth, minimise environmental impact and boost research and technological innovation. The high rate of industry participation in industrial tourism clusters makes this sector ideal for experimenting with advanced and immersive technologies that are already being adopted by manufacturing industries and that have been greatly enhanced by the pandemic combining physical and virtual visits through the use of AR, VR or MR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality). The virtuous combination of industrial tourism with advanced technologies gives rise to Smart Industrial Tourism (SMIT).

SMITour aims:

The project aims at studying the social and economic potential of SMart Industrial Tourism in the Mediterranean regions, assessing the state of the art by analysing existing good practices in industrial tourism and in the use of advanced technologies in the tourism sector, exploring pathways for the development of SMIT activities in the regions and cities involved.

SMITour results:

The project will address common challenges by exploiting the experience and know-how of partners and regional actors through the creation of transnational Focus Groups and a series of thematic Innovation Camps to activate co-design paths of a common strategy and an Action Plan for SMart Industrial Tourism, thus contributing to diversify tourism and stimulate social and economic growth through technological innovation. Through SMITour project, partners will also enhance their capacity to mobilize the necessary resources (human, technical, financial) and structures (management and governance) to achieve those goals.

SMITour is funded by the Interreg Euro-MED programme through the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by the National Revolving Fund for the implementation of EU policies.


1. Municipality of Prato (Lead Partner)

2. Prato Textile Museum Foundation

3. University of Lisbon – Business Research Unit (Portugal)

4. Industrial Tourism Network of Catalonia (Spain)

5. Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (Greece)

6. E-institute (Slovenia)

7. Faculty of Economics and Business Rijeka (Croazia)

Total Budget: 600.000 Ευρώ | Interreg Euro-MED funds: 480.000 ευρώ

Duration: 27 months (January 2024 – March 2026)


Paolo Guarnieri | Lorena Vidas (Municipality of Prato – Lead partner)
SMITour Project Managment |