Youthful, modern, feminine clothes and accessories with an attitude. BSB offers quality products combined with cutting edge design for young women with style. Women who love fashion and feel attractive while enjoying their femininity. The aim of BSB is to provide a unique shopping experience. Those are the basic characteristics that the facilities at BSB exude. At the 22,000 square meter proprietary building extends the ultramodern space of the central offices of the company, in addition to the entire philosophy of BSB!

Running since 1980, BSB nowadays holds a leading position in the industry of women’s fashion and apparel. The company today has an extensive network comprising of 108 exclusive BSB stores, its distribution network is also extensive, with more than 600 associated multi brand stores in major cities in Greece and abroad. The company’s international vision is expressed through an ambitious plan to operate abroad, currently having a strong presence in a total of 21 countries.