The company SAKELLARIS SA was founded in 1977 and is active in the field of production of women’s and men’s clothing, accessories and related items, creating its personal collections under the brand Rococo. It is a purely Greek company that constantly creates and evolves with the same passion as the day it started and with the primary goal of the complete service of its customers. The headquarters of the company is located in the area of ​​Athens in privately owned building facilities of 2500 sq.m.

Today the company has a network of 19 stores having managed to create in the domestic market an instantly recognizable concept store with a characteristic showcase style and merchandise of its products.

In the last five years, amid the financial crisis, the company has opened 4 new stores in the Athens area, restructuring the existing network of retail outlets, adapting to new market data.

The company supports Greek production by insisting on operating in the domestic market for the production of its products having developed partnerships with more than 100 companies in the industry.

It remains consistent while maintaining high standards of product quality in terms of raw materials and construction but also design diversity without ever deviating from the constant goal of the best possible quality at the best possible price.

The biggest challenge for the company but also the most important goal is the continuation and maintenance of a high level of provision (B2B) of services, with absolute respect to its customers.


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