A. Serafeimidou – O. Ioannidis CO is a family business founded in early 1984.

The company is based in Thessaloniki, in privately owned facilities of 2,500 square meters, in a well-equipped space with the most modern production methods, as it is one of the few companies that still produce its products exclusively in Greece. In the early years, its production focused on women’s underwear under the name “MANO”. Expanding its goals, it managed, during this course, to rapidly enrich its products and produce women’s and men’s pajamas. During its long presence in the field, it has managed to develop technology that ensures its quality.

Today, 30 years later, it has grown a wide network of trusted customers that extends throughout Greece, as well as in Cyprus, France and Germany. Due to the continuous improvement of the quality but also of its modern, elegant designs, the company is constantly expanding its circle of customers inside and outside the borders.