Creating show-stopping fashion in plus sizes, Mat Fashion was founded by George and Marianthi Moneda in 1988. Its mission? To set new standards in women’s fashion business!

Having successfully accomplished this goal from the very beginning, Mat Fashion soon became a leading brand.

Its collections of clothes, shoes and accessories, upgrade the total look concept, making women who wear them feel feminine and sexy, without missing what fashion is offering in standard sizes.

Wonder what are Mat Fashion women like? Proud-to-be juicy and trendy, always in a happy mood, extrovert, passionate about fashion and life in general. Mat Fashion creative team, designs pieces that follow the mix and match concept, gets inspired by the latest trends, loves experimenting with new materials and fabrics and signs collections that are labeled from the very first moment, as the absolute must-have items of each season.

Having already crossed the borders of the Greek market, Mat Fashion designs, have fans all over the world!


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