The company KattiS was founded in 1987 and its headquarters are located in Nea Ionia, Athens. From the beginning, the company dealt with youthful women’s clothing, paying attention to the quality of the fabrics, the seams and everything that shapes the reliability of its products. At times the company has been presented with different brands, either as FAngelique, or as KattiS, or now as Makis Tselios Young Women, but remaining the same one, with the same skills and the same philosophy.

In March 2009, the collaboration with Makis Tselios began, as the largest designer in Greece, who signs the series produced by the company KattiS, Makis Tselios Young Women. This series is about demanding and dynamic women, who live intense moments. In classic but at the same time modern lines that are worn all hours of the day and make the presence of the woman impressive.

The company KattiS insists on the creation – manufacture of products in the Greek market giving the strong brand Makis Tselios at very low prices. KattiS clothes are available in 215 stores in almost all cities of Greece and in 25 stores in Cyprus.


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