ATHENS MATTRESSES LTD “GRECO STROM” a purely Greek company, has been involved in the manufacturing of mattresses, beds and sleep products for over 56 years while successfully operating in hotel, medical, marine and hospital equipment, as well as with absolute respect and sensitivity in baby sleep products.

The factory, the warehouses, the distribution center as well as the financial and administrative headquarters of the company are housed in privately owned recently renovated modern facilities in Mandra Attica. They are exemplary organized, functional and constructed with materials friendly to the environment. The total area exceeds 16,000 sq.m. All spaces are designed and built with the goal of providing the most ideal working conditions for the staff, in terms of safety and security.

The production lines feature state-of-the-art machinery with huge production capacity on a daily basis, which ranks it among the top modern European factories in its field. The professional equipment of the factory in combination with the well-trained and experienced staff, as well as adhering to the strictest quality control procedures, ensure the production of true quality, ergonomic and innovative sleeping products. GRECO STROM has now exceeded the most demanding operational standards in the inter-Balkan and European level.