CELESTINO is a Greek company operating in the fashion industry since 1974. Offering top quality clothes and accessories at the best prices on the market and by having its own production facilities, Celestino has managed to gain customers’ support from its very beginning.

With more than 50 physical stores in Greece and other European countries, a customer-centric strategy and approach, an impressive web presence, a mission and values based on high professional standards and a healthy working environment (more than 250 employees), Celestino has managed to perfectly combine the constantly updated and approachable image of fast fashion brands with the quality of luxury ones.

Today, the company has managed to build a very strong team ranging from fashion design professionals to online marketing executives and a very successful network of partners in different parts of Europe. With headquarters in Athens, Greece and a team working in Paris, France, the company is planning on expanding its presence in Europe with the UK as the first step of that plan.