About us

Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (HCIA) is a non profit industrial association established in Athens in 1962. It represents Greek companies from all sub-sectors of the clothing industry (men, women and children’s clothing, underwear, swimwear, shirts, fashion accessories and raw materials).

HCIA’s activities:

  • Represents the sector’s companies vis-à-vis International, European and National authorities.
  • Provides information and consulting relating the commercial, industrial and social policy matters.
  • Participates in the negotiation of sectoral and regional collective agreements.
  • Disseminates information on technological, industrial, commercial and economic issues.
  • Represents the industry in International and European sectoral organisations (Euratex, GINETEX, etc).

HCIA provides a wide range of services to its members using its own network of contacts for information gathering. HCIA services include:

Information provision on:

  • National and European Union projects.
  • Financing opportunities and means.
  • Commercial-economic developments and trends.
  • Technical issues (product specifications, information systems, telecommunications, environment and sustainability etc).

Consulting on:

  • Legal matters.
  • Submission of proposals to relevant projects and identification of partners through international network.
  • Telematics and Electronic Commerce applications.
  • Credit and financial matters.
  • Quality Management.

Support concerning:

  • Submission of proposals to national and European RTD programs.
  • Implementation and project management.
  • Supporting businesses to develop new products.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Development of Electronic Commerce applications.
  • Partners search for:
    • Identification of representatives, subcontractors and specialised personnel
    • Selling and purchasing of equipment and materials
    • Business links with foreign companies and organizations
    • Business advisory services for franchising, branding and marketing
    • Export promotion
    • Support for start-ups

Sectoral and individual company promotion:

  • Development of Internet pages.
  • Issuing of advertising material and sectoral guides.
  • Organising of exhibitions, fashion shows and trade missions.

Training and education:

  • Information provision on existing training and education packages.
  • Technical training on Electronic Commerce.
  • Training on the usage of specialised sectoral software applications.
  • Provision of training centre and related facilities.